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Looking Forward to Summer


As I write this we’ve just had our first day of what felt like summer weather. It feels like this has been a long time coming, the pain and awfully long January seems like it was yesterday yet here we are at the end of April! Never have I ever been more thankful for some warmth on my back!

In writing this month’s issue I found myself rereading my previous article for inspiration of what to pass on this month. And it came to me that the long winter months are behind us so now it should only get easier, right? I asked myself this with doubt as I don’t like making myself false promises but I did realise that on reflection, the time it took for the whole of January to pass by has felt like the same amount of time it has actually been since January – three months! It just shows how time catches up with you when you’re able to go outside and use it!

In realising this it has reassured me that the warm weather will be here to stay – although we all know what British weather is like. I feel like my 88 year-old Grandmother who will always drop in conversation what the weather is like on that particular day. And it has taken me the whole of lockdown to realise that it is actually in fact a small comfort. The street, grassy field, concrete building or flowing river that our house might look out onto will always look nice on a sunny day even if we’ve seen it a hundred thousand times before. So in a similar vein I’ve tried to remind myself to take the bad days with a pinch of salt as the proportion of sunny days to cold, rainy days I’m sure is to swing in our favour.

With the winter days behind us, I’m grateful for more daylight hours in the evening. Evening dog walks and barbecues with friends are all fond memories of last summer which I am certainly looking forward to. A favourite of mine is toasting marshmallows on skewers when the barbecue is about to die out – half of the marshmallow runs down your clothes in a gloopy mess because if you’re anything like me you’ve managed to miss your mouth!

As we’ve all been cooped up over the past year and with no pubs, restaurants, summer holidays or any light hearted relief, I’m reminded that some of the most fun I’ve had has been completely free. I dared myself to jump in the sea on my birthday (because why the heck not) unsurprisingly, I didn’t live up to this challenge. However the thought of it made me feel free and excited. I opted for taking my dog, Coco, to the beach instead (and yes she looks exactly as she sounds). Part of me felt a little pathetic as I’m yet to go rogue in lockdown, I’ve not dyed or cut my hair in some weird or wacky way. However you can tell that cabin fever gets to everyone when even her Majesty gets a new dog! The other part of me felt slightly wistful that I’m not my seven year old self anymore who would jump in the sea without a seconds thought. Mind you, I’m pretty sure I’d still do it now.

I suppose I have went a little stir crazy as I think entering the 108 mile cycling festival, the Cyclone would certainly qualify as crazy. But joking aside I do think it’s important to find something where you can let yourself go whether through sport, cooking, gardening, jumping in the sea or having a crazy haircut then so be it. I really hope that you’re able to find some happiness in these summer months and don’t be scared to try something wild – I promise you I’ll jump in the sea the next time I’m there!

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