March 2021


Wildlife Gardening

With spring on its way and Easter coming up many of us will turn to our gardens. For some it’s the start of an annual battle to maintain some semblance of order; for others a carefully choreographed year of management to produce the perfect show of flowers or prize winning vegetables.  Around 25 years ago this time of year coincided with an annual campaign to… Read More »Wildlife Gardening

Blessed Are Those

There are forces at play on this planet way beyond our current cognitive field awareness. A dog whistle is a frequency only perceived by a dog, but just because we can’t hear it, does not mean it doesn’t exist. I liken it to the soul of a human being or animal for all it cannot be physically measured can you honestly say it isn’t real?… Read More »Blessed Are Those


A Happier Place

I breathe a sigh of relief, it’s finally March! One of my favourite months in the year for the change of scenery – more daylight hours, blooming flowers and more audible birds. A different landscape outside really affects our mood and morale, both of which come in handy. We’ve made it through the long, hard winter months and now it’s easier to get out and… Read More »A Happier Place


The illusions of Fear

There is always a moment where I resist meditation, resist journaling, resist exercising… It is the ego who resists the healing because of the safeness it feels in the suffering. In the suffering the ego has created safe rooms, or states of being, that are like illusions. I am lulled into a false sense of security, that in those safe rooms, I am completely safe.… Read More »The illusions of Fear


Understanding Inflation

Most people take inflation as being the increase in the price of goods and services and a lot of time blame greedy businesses, labour unions and speculators for inflation. It certainly seems to be a valid explanation of inflation but in this article we will look back at the classical definition of inflation that has not been taught in schools or universities for about fifty… Read More »Understanding Inflation