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yellow brick road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The future feels uncertain. If the events of the last 15 months have taught us anything it is not to take our freedoms, families and friends for granted. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we have found ourselves in a very strange place indeed. A land with completely alien rules and it feels like we arrived here overnight. So let’s link arms (regardless… Read More »Follow the Yellow Brick Road


IT Matters

Trolls to me have always represented FUN! Like those little characters that roll out of the rocks in the Frozen films or the ones with the florescent hair who like to dance to Justin Timberlake. Regardless, they are harmless. Recently (and I now realise naively) I shared a link on a local forum offering a free class to support mothers with Sex Education through a… Read More »IT Matters

Blessed Are Those

There are forces at play on this planet way beyond our current cognitive field awareness. A dog whistle is a frequency only perceived by a dog, but just because we can’t hear it, does not mean it doesn’t exist. I liken it to the soul of a human being or animal for all it cannot be physically measured can you honestly say it isn’t real?… Read More »Blessed Are Those


The Holy Ghost

This story begins at twilight on the cobbled streets of Hexham Christmas Eve 2018. A crescent moon hung above the Abbey which was draped in silver fairy lights as I, along with the last of the Christmas shoppers made my way amongst the low hum of anticipation. Everything was perfect. Well at least I thought it was, I had forgotten a Christmas card for my… Read More »The Holy Ghost



I live next to a field of Emus, I had no idea, and I moved here five years ago! Splendid creatures are emus, if not slightly out of place amongst the Northumbrian countryside. Watching them wander I was reminded how we can easily become blindsided, missing the idiosyncrasies right under our very nose, only noticing what we expect to see within the context of what… Read More »Masquerade


Immune to the system

Not everyone reading this will be able to receive the message of my article, and not everyone who receives it will ever truly be ready…. but here it is. You are being manipulated.Your perceptions are being programmed. “So you think you can tell Heaven from hell Blue skies from pain.” This is the real threat or “virus” currently at work on humanity.Think about all the… Read More »Immune to the system