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Duncan Hutt

Wild Fungi

If spring is about flowers, summer is butterflies and insects then surely autumn is fungi.  Now that the damp autumn days are very much upon

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Pile of Assorted Coins
Mario Innecco

Understanding Money

Money is a subject that is on everybody’s mind and the most obvious reason for that is because the great majority of people almost always

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Lindsey Joy

Gift Buying

It’s actually a few years old, but I recently read an article on the BBC News website about the “Wear, Want, Need, Read” approach to

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Sarah Fae

The Holy Ghost

This story begins at twilight on the cobbled streets of Hexham Christmas Eve 2018. A crescent moon hung above the Abbey which was draped in

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Bruce Ferguson

Wild Drinks for Xmas

One of the larger expenses on your shopping list for Christmas may well be the fizzy white and the rich red to go with the

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