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Blessed Are Those

There are forces at play on this planet way beyond our current cognitive field awareness. A dog whistle is a frequency only perceived by a dog, but just because we can’t hear it, does not mean it doesn’t exist. I liken it to the soul of a human being or animal for all it cannot be physically measured can you honestly say it isn’t real? The same can be said for matters of God and Spirit, so why is it we find it all so difficult to grasp?

Perhaps it’s because we live in a society that prioritises and rewards logical rational thought? Or maybe it’s the endless options of apps, emails, books, likes/comments, streaming options for movies and music all vying for our attention? How can we even begin to notice subtle signs pointing us beyond a five sense reality between the carefully crafted algorithms and all the shiny new things? Therefore my advice to you is truly old school. I want you to look for breadcrumbs.

Just like the fairytale Hansel and Gretel who after being abandoned in the woods drop bits of bread as they walk to try and find their way home. Synchronicity is how we notice the “spiritual breadcrumbs” dropped along the path of our lives reminding us of how ever present God is, whilst who, what and where looks/feels like home. So indulge me if you are able as I disclose a set of events (subjective they may be) to explain my reasoning behind this type of phenomena.

‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.’ Hebrews 11:1

 “What is the psalm of the Doubting Thomas?” I was on route to Canterbury for a research trip with my partner as the thought suddenly popped into my head. I didn’t have to wait too long for my answer as later within the marbled white walls of the Cathedral I gained my education as the Canon delivered that exact sermon at Evensong. It was a lovely little synchronicity, a shaman or mystic might say an example of ‘pre cognitive awareness.’ A mathematician might curate a set of probabilities, and call it a coincidence but either way I was chuffed to bits! There was a sense of connection, alignment and crucially a message of faith.

Yet I was still seeking answers. What am I doing in this world?  Where am I supposed to go? What it is I am meant to do? The narrative of a cruel God leaving me alone in a hostile world was running through my mind but unbeknownst to me there was about to be plot twist!

St Oswalds Church at Heavenfield had become somewhat of a sanctuary over the years so upon my return from Canterbury I took my apathy and anxiety to that ancient sacred site. When you think of all the big battles that have taken place on Northumbrian soil in the name of God I cannot help but feel the modern day equivalent might simply be our own internal conflicts. Truly I believe there to be a spiritual solution for every mental health problem.

But even when I am afraid I keep on trusting you.’ Psalm 56:3

Sitting by the alter, alone, eyes closed deep in meditation the silence was suddenly punctured, ‘a voice’ proclaimed sharply and suddenly “224.” I felt called, compelled to go to the lectern, open the Bible to page 224. Well, you can guess at what lay before me, the psalm of the Doubting Thomas as ‘the voice’ said firmly yet assuredly “don’t doubt.”

I really held onto that experience and was even going to get those numbers tattooed on my hand to create a permanent, tangible reminder of that experience with something so much higher and wiser. Such a human thing to do though isn’t it? To try to make an eternal truth live forever on mortal skin. Just like Thomas why do we always need flesh to make things real?

‘Blessed are those have not seen and yet have believed.’ John 20:29

Instances such as these are common place in my life with messages having an almost comedic prophetic quality. The most recent example being my contemplation/meditation on current world events. “All the worlds a stage,” said ‘the voice,’ clear and soft. I took note and thought no more of it until a few days later ‘William Shakespeare’ was the first man to be vaccinated against Covid 19. Smiling at spirits creative way of getting my attention brought some lighthearted relief to the confliction and confusion I have felt over what is being done in the name of public safety. I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions as to what that particular message might mean.

You see mine is a feral faith it didn’t come through sanitised Sunday school sessions nor was I reared in a family of spiritual or religious types. It’s also a perfectly reasonable thing to do, doubt/question Gods presence in your life especially given the track record of human history. After all we are the only species that destroys the environment crucial for its own survival and I can’t help but feel we might have also inadvertently destroyed parts of our internal landscapes in the process too. Through prioritising physical above mystical we’ve lost connection to the unknowable, the mysterious, that which is sacred.  Cannibalistic witches aside it can all add up to becoming quite the grim fairytale indeed.

Unfortunately no peer reviewed studies are available on the experiences I have shared with you today but you can go research it for yourself via prayer or perhaps meditation. “The Team of the Unseen,” I call them ready to guide and assist your journey here on Planet Earth. Part of their contract is to get your attention so they litter your life with breadcrumbs laced with synchronicity, soul and spirit. They are everywhere.  They always have been and if you are brave enough to follow them they will lead you home.

‘The kingdom of God is within you.’  Luke 17:21

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