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Courage, Dear Hart

As a child I was besotted with the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Feeling the fur coats brush my face as little hands maneuvered their way to the back of gran’s old wooden wardrobe was always a welcome weekly adventure. God knows how long I stood there. Naturally the entrance to Narnia remained eternally elusive yet I never stopped believing. Whenever I see an old fashioned street lamp my soul always remembers and smiles, maybe this time?

“You have returned for reason. Your adventure begins now.”

So imagine my delight when some considerable decades later I enter the magical world of Narnia for real. In my previous article ‘The Holy Ghost’ I shared a series of miraculous experiences I had with a wild white roebuck in woodlands local to my home. The White Hart whose appearance is synonymous with the delivery of a message exists across all cultures, myths and religions as an otherworldly sign, an archetype of vital spiritual importance.

So what does it mean when a symbol of ancient, sacred magic is shot dead by police? On Sunday 26th September a white stag ran loose for nine hours and despite being secured in an area (alongside advice from the RSPCA to leave it be) the decision was made to destroy it. Merseyside Police have since cited reasons pertaining public safety. It doesn’t take a belief beyond the five senses to see that there might just be a message for humanity here

“No great wisdom can be reached without sacrifice.”

Perhaps its destruction is a sign of just how low our culture has spiritually sunk? Other cultures would have recognised and revered the animal, taking steps to save it at all costs. To the Native Americans the sighting of ‘the white one’ would be a reason to gather the community together, to muse and meditate on its wisdom.

During the summer of 2020 native tribes in Montana celebrated such an event through the birth of new white buffalo calf. The last one born 1933 died of natural causes in 1959 and was rightly dubbed ‘Big Medicine.’ “I think the reason the Creator sent her here is because of all the injustice that’s been done,’ said Glenn Gopher, the conductor of ceremonies at the ranch. “Our country is in serious chaos. Our world is corrupt and the law makers are out of hand.”

 “What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.”

We all have a duty to protect ‘that which is sacred,’ and these animals when they appear are tangible ways to revere in the unseen, the mysterious and of spirit. For a white calf to be born there is a one in ten million chance whereas for an albino white roebuck such as Ghost only six have been seen in the wild since the end of the Second World War.

White fallow deer (like what was seen in Bootle) do exist in managed herds dotted around the country, some have since wondered if the situation in Liverpool was created?  The odds of a white stag existing in the wild is minuscule so it all seems like a very strange set of circumstances indeed. Its destruction sending out a very clear message to those who know the significance of such a creature; like a ritual of sorts.  

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”

Maybe I am taking this one too personally due to my own very visceral experiences with Ghost. Our time together between the trees was always bittersweet; for as much joy I found in his presence it was always matched by the abject terror he could/would eventually be seen, known and killed. What came first the White Hart or the hunter? Whilst partaking in the Earth School one seemingly cannot exist without the other; such is the nature of duality when we live solely (instead of soulfully) at the 3D level.

 “There is no use talking as if forgiveness is easy.”

At the moment it feels as if the world is being consumed with darkness and with the public slaughter of a divine archetype it is easy to fear we are in the grip of something awful, “these truly are fallen times,” whispered my brother. Yet there is actually an enormous amount of light flooding the planet and we need that light to see, even if what is being illuminated is too cruel to comprehend.

Nostradamus himself forewarned us “when amidst a plague… a White Hart appears, a sign of a long lost age coincides with the commoner’s rising rage and the Queen’s men, oblivious, shed its blood with a flaming arrow… the beast’s death will herald a dark morrow, an upturn in a nation’s grief, pain and sorrow.”

“Their prison is only within their minds, yet they are in that prison.”

Spiritually I am very sober, grounded in love but I’m not going to pretend everything is ok when it’s very clearly not. The ever so rare and elusive White Hart, a symbol of virtue and purity slain by the modern authorities in the same week mRNA vaccines make their way through the schools and into the arms of children. So it seems shots under the guise of public safety are still being fired ‘for the good of all’ at the innocent.

Despite what you might think (sugarcoat officially off – it’s actually quite toxic) all is not lost. The reverence of the White Hart is written into eternity, its soul and magic woven through the timeless fabric of the universe. Rest assured neither can ever truly be destroyed. Hold the line. Keep shining your light.

 “That world is ended, as if it had never been. Let the race of Adam and Eve take warning.”

 Quotations & Title taken from C.S Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia Nostradamus Les Prophecies 1555

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