Megan Evans


Looking Forward to Summer

As I write this we’ve just had our first day of what felt like summer weather. It feels like this has been a long time coming, the pain and awfully long January seems like it was yesterday yet here we are at the end of April! Never have I ever been more thankful for some warmth on my back! In writing this month’s issue I… Read More »Looking Forward to Summer


A Happier Place

I breathe a sigh of relief, it’s finally March! One of my favourite months in the year for the change of scenery – more daylight hours, blooming flowers and more audible birds. A different landscape outside really affects our mood and morale, both of which come in handy. We’ve made it through the long, hard winter months and now it’s easier to get out and… Read More »A Happier Place


The Good From 2020

Happy New Year! As much as we won’t know what the next weeks and months will hold it, now is a good time to reflect on any challenges or ambitions we’ve faced and have been able to overcome. From my last article on the previous edition I hope you’ve been able to find a couple of useful prompts as to attempt a fitness routine. There’s… Read More »The Good From 2020

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Adding Simple Exercise

As much as we like to second guess the Government’s next moves I think we are in a much different position now than what we were in March. Adjusting to this new ‘normal’ has left us taking up a different lifestyle to before. Whether it be working from home for the foreseeable future or not having the same social interaction as before, it can be… Read More »Adding Simple Exercise