August 2021

gold dollar

A Sunday to Remember

Unless one has studied the history of gold, money and the monetary system of the last 120 years or so you will know little about Sunday, August 15, 1971. Even if you have a higher education degree in economics or finance it is not certain that you will either or if you do know about the date I venture to say that you might not… Read More »A Sunday to Remember

new to the wild

New to the Wild

During August I had the pleasure of getting along to two rather special days at work with Northumberland Wildlife Trust. The first was in a remarkably midge free Kielder Forest where the final release was made as part of Restoring Ratty.  This project has seen more than 2000 water voles released into some of the small burns and ditches around the forest as part of… Read More »New to the Wild


Making your home Smart

I think we are all used to the idea of having “smart” phones – ie the ones where you can access the internet as well as make phone calls.   Then there are smart TVs – again, where you can access TV channels via the internet (eg NetFlix, iPlayer etc).  And increasingly we are getting used to the idea of having a “smart” home, where your… Read More »Making your home Smart

part 2- mindfulness image

Optimizing your health pt.2

If you read my previous article, you would have already had a glimpse of the “6 Pillars of Health” model (Movement, Sleep, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Emotional Health) I work with when helping client to improve their health and wellbeing. In this article we continue with the final three pillars. 4. Mindfulness Is the cultivation of non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. By applying mindfulness… Read More »Optimizing your health pt.2


Knowledge is Power

One of my three wishes from a figurative genie would be for a local 24-hour library or bookstore, fit with comfy chairs, coffee and tea dispensers, and a fluffy pet knocking around the shelves. I say that because books and storytelling have been one of the great loves of my life since I was born. My childhood was spent reading books in the back of… Read More »Knowledge is Power