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Making your home Smart

I think we are all used to the idea of having “smart” phones – ie the ones where you can access the internet as well as make phone calls.   Then there are smart TVs – again, where you can access TV channels via the internet (eg NetFlix, iPlayer etc).  And increasingly we are getting used to the idea of having a “smart” home, where your… Read More »Making your home Smart

student laptop 2

Laptops for Students

This is the time of year when students are looking at where they might go for their further education.  This often involves leaving home to go to another city.  Trips to IKEA/Asda/Tescos etc for crockery/bedding and other items the student will need are a right of passage.  Included in these purchases is their IT equipment that the student might need. So what should you be… Read More »Laptops for Students


Laptop/PC Health

Spring time is often a time when folks decide to clear out and sort out their house.  Well, I believe that you should add your laptop/PC to the list of things that should be looked at too. I often get laptops to look at that have finally given up the ghost.  When speaking to the owners of these laptops, it turns out that the machines… Read More »Laptop/PC Health


Computer Safety

Keeping safe while using your computer Unfortunately, I have had a few of my customers contact me recently after they have been involved with someone trying to scam them.  As more and more of us use technology to buy stuff online, find out information, and do online banking, so the numbers of scammers and the methods that they use increases. Things to watch out for:… Read More »Computer Safety


Laptop for Christmas?

Christmas can be a good time to purchase a new laptop.  Retailers often provide great offers to tempt you into buying a shiny new laptop.  But as with everything, price is not the same as value.  Buy cheap, and you may find your purchase to be anything but of value to you.  It’s important that you think carefully before making what can be a very… Read More »Laptop for Christmas?


Windows 10

Windows 10 – should you update your laptop/pc if you have an older version? Microsoft offered to update your laptop/pc to Windows 10 for free up until Summer 2016.  Some people running very old equipment took the offer and suffered badly.  Others with newer machines managed better.  Now, if you’d like to upgrade to Windows 10 there is a cost.  However, there is a way… Read More »Windows 10

Monitor Displaying Computer Application Password


“Passwords are a complete pain”.  This is what I hear all the time when I work with my customers.  I can still remember visiting a customer’s site to fix their laptop, only to find that they had stuck yellow sticky notes of every password they use – bank accounts, ebay, etc etc – on to the screen of their laptop – for all to see.… Read More »Passwords