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You can’t watch

banner image of a tree

a tree grow!

You can’t watch a tree grow? Well possibly in the deepest Amazon if you want to be pedantic!  – But my point is you only see it over time. Around these parts anyway. Slowly but surely over time they go from dappled shade to a dense canopy. But it can’t be viewed in real time but over time. Beyond time but within a grid of time. And if you don’t notice the trees you won’t notice the growth. But the trees do indeed grow and move forward – some struggling in the deepest shade of an overgrown forest and some flourishing in pastures new, nature’s way. But what about the growth of humanity and its nature – its vibration, its strum, its frequency?

“I don’t own the clothes I’m wearing, and the road goes on forever” – Allman Brothers Band (1)

Happens so slowly doesn’t it? Inch by inch, things change, the subtle drift? So slow you don’t see it happening but only feel it once it’s happened. Our collective tree of life is slowly changing – are you watching its path? But where are we drifting and is there a wind pushing us down a road? Does it feel positive or negative – is there a polarity you feel?  Individually my vibe depends on whether I like the breeze on my face and the road less travelled but collectively its presence has a force over the herd that effectively changes our frequency, our strum. You can’t avoid the static. Or can you actually transform the static? Are we powerful or powerless?

Expansion is everywhere though.

Inversion is everywhere too.

“Hey good lady he’s got God on his side he got a double tongue you never think he would lie” Happy Mondays (2)

The pineal gland (more in a further edition) is your 3rd eye that has the ability to communicate with universal vibration of conscious expansion. It can see in to the 99.99%. They shouted at you to stop daydreaming – but you were in the astral planes free on the breeze. The strumming of your guitar. Bending reality. It’s the tuning fork of your PRESENT strum. It’s watching the tree grow.

The strum and then the given frequency though! Perhaps if visualised through the 3rd eye we physically exist in a universal field of infinite energy – Primary energy – like a visible multi coloured breeze on the corn of being – a stream of potential. But it’s how you are tuned in at that time as to what you can absorb through YOUR mediums. To the best energetic high after a 10k run to the initial slide from reality in an opium rush – both co-exist but the strum of the BEING connects differently to the field. So, if that’s true – and our hearts already know! WTF went wrong with this energy field? – It’s like the land of the damned out there! This frequency stinks. But deeper than that – if we know we are out of tune, so perhaps we can retune? Push the tree of humanity back towards the light.

“I’m picking up good vibrations, she’s given me excitations” The Beach Boys (3)

This diagram shows emotional vibration – basically fields of emotive energy in hertz – THE BIG STRUM in colour.

It’s unfortunate that the stinky frequency all hangs out at the bottom end of the strums potential and wish to pull you in. All getting promoted in their subtle ways – control perception – control reality. But look above what we are force fed and see the potential.

“One by one we gonna stand up with pride, one that can’t be denied – stand up stand up.” House Martins (4)

As it’s a New Year, they say, perhaps it’s a good time to change something? Not your fat arse or your job. Your strum creates your reality. If you change that then reality shifts with you. If you knew you are eternal – and you ARE, part of the field, not separated from it – fear would be released. Fear isn’t good for the strum. Answers will come as you climb the vibration ladders – As vibration changes, so will reality – but you have to learn to play the instrument of YOU. And perhaps not be played as much. Take on the game rather than just being a player?

It’s like Snakes and ladders in the frequencies of life. Karma is a good teacher. Be the dice – stop getting thrown!

“She said don’t give or sell your soul away cause at that you have is your soul” Tracy Chapman (5)

And resurrection in this life, a change of strum. You just have to die to frequency in this life – suffer for a bit on your own cross, then here comes the resurrection bit and frequency change occurs in THIS life. A good or indeed bad life teaches you that.

“I am the resurrection and I am the life” Stone Roses (6)

And what can the trees teach us?

The Tree can see beyond thee. They see beyond your sight. For in the 99.99% they know that there is not life then death but only birth and death. Life is an eternal womb of creation – where energy ebbs and flows. Life mingles with death, the eternal dance. A walk through a local graveyard will show you on a practical level. The past and the present exist together in something beyond them.

The trees are not scared of their presence – nor should you be.

Can we change reality? Can we change the fields one by one and realise that the fields are actually the farm and perhaps we don’t need the farmer? Perhaps it’s our responsibility and not theirs?

Happy New Reality ? – get the tunes on!

“If you make sure your connected, the writing’s on the wall, but if your mind’s neglected, stumble you might fall” Stereo MC’s (7)

Play list;

  1. Midnight Rider – Allman Brothers Band
  2. Step on – Happy Mondays
  3. Good Vibrations – The beach Boys
  4. Caravan of Love – The Housemartins
  5. All that you have is your Soul – Tracy Chapman
  6. I am the Resurrection – Stone Roses
  7. Connected – Stereo MC’s

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