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colour pop technique

Colour Pop

In my last article, we looked at post editing your photos, but we looked at either full colour images or converting to full black and white. For this article, we will look at something that is popularly called ‘colour pop’, or selective colouring of an image. By this I mean making a black and white image, but retaining a small selective part of the image… Read More »Colour Pop


Photo Editing

So, in the last few articles, we have looked briefly at equipment, composition of the image and getting your exposure correct. If you get all of that spot on, in theory, you should have an award winning photograph, right? Well it’s possible, but these days a little (or in some cases quite a lot), of post editing may or may not be required to tweak… Read More »Photo Editing

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(It’s all about the light!) So, we’ve discussed cameras vs. phone cameras and some basic rules of composition. Ultimately, however, photography is all about light. The word Photo comes from the Greek for light and photography, as an art form, is about creating images from exposure to light. The camera is a tool that controls the amount of light that reaches your light sensitive substrate,… Read More »Exposure

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(it’s not just for music, it’s for images too!)  In my last article, I talked about cameras/phone cameras and I mentioned that it’s more important to get your composition right than to worry about what camera you use. This time I’m going to go through some ways that you can work on your image composition to make it more pleasing to the viewer. By composition,… Read More »Composition

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When is a Camera not a Camera? Well, when it’s a phone of course.   Hello everyone, thanks first of all for taking the time to read my first article here in Tyne Valley Express. (Always assuming you continue to read … ha ha) You may or may not have noticed, that I’ve been providing the images for the covers on TVE for almost a year now.… Read More »Cameras

Tyne Valley Express Online Scammers Article

Being Safe Online

According to Which, in the year to April 2021, there was an increase in fraud of 33% on the previous year, with online scams topping the table.  As more people have taken to online shopping during the pandemic, so the craftiness of the online scammer increases.  These scams can take many forms eg fake websites where goods never arrive.  And with more people ordering online,… Read More »Being Safe Online


Making your home Smart

I think we are all used to the idea of having “smart” phones – ie the ones where you can access the internet as well as make phone calls.   Then there are smart TVs – again, where you can access TV channels via the internet (eg NetFlix, iPlayer etc).  And increasingly we are getting used to the idea of having a “smart” home, where your… Read More »Making your home Smart


Laptop/PC Health

Spring time is often a time when folks decide to clear out and sort out their house.  Well, I believe that you should add your laptop/PC to the list of things that should be looked at too. I often get laptops to look at that have finally given up the ghost.  When speaking to the owners of these laptops, it turns out that the machines… Read More »Laptop/PC Health