October 2020


Wild Fungi

If spring is about flowers, summer is butterflies and insects then surely autumn is fungi.  Now that the damp autumn days are very much upon us so the fungi are springing up.  We tend to associate fungi with woodlands and decay but there is so much more to them.  Some of our smallest and brightest fungi are species of unimproved grasslands, waxcaps can be bright… Read More »Wild Fungi

Pile of Assorted Coins

Understanding Money

Money is a subject that is on everybody’s mind and the most obvious reason for that is because the great majority of people almost always do not have enough of it. Today though, we are going to look at what money really is and how money evolved through time and in society, and the functions that money should have. My hope here is not help… Read More »Understanding Money

megan evan tyne valley express

Adding Simple Exercise

As much as we like to second guess the Government’s next moves I think we are in a much different position now than what we were in March. Adjusting to this new ‘normal’ has left us taking up a different lifestyle to before. Whether it be working from home for the foreseeable future or not having the same social interaction as before, it can be… Read More »Adding Simple Exercise


The Holy Ghost

This story begins at twilight on the cobbled streets of Hexham Christmas Eve 2018. A crescent moon hung above the Abbey which was draped in silver fairy lights as I, along with the last of the Christmas shoppers made my way amongst the low hum of anticipation. Everything was perfect. Well at least I thought it was, I had forgotten a Christmas card for my… Read More »The Holy Ghost


Wild Drinks for Xmas

One of the larger expenses on your shopping list for Christmas may well be the fizzy white and the rich red to go with the Christmas feast and the extra special spirit to sip warmly by the yule log later. You can get all of these from the hedgerow and with a little bit of forward planning they will all be ready for the big… Read More »Wild Drinks for Xmas


And breathe!

Take a deep breath! How many times have you heard that phrase? When we face stressful or difficult situations, those four words are very likely to be used. We are living in increasingly stressful times. The coronavirus pandemic is likely to see this increase, sadly, as people face job losses, increasing uncertainty and other seismic events. I am sure you have experienced stressful occasions, such… Read More »And breathe!


Laptop for Christmas?

Christmas can be a good time to purchase a new laptop.  Retailers often provide great offers to tempt you into buying a shiny new laptop.  But as with everything, price is not the same as value.  Buy cheap, and you may find your purchase to be anything but of value to you.  It’s important that you think carefully before making what can be a very… Read More »Laptop for Christmas?