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May 2023

credit to sue_gabbatis

Free things to do

in Northumberland. Everyone’s feeling the pinch, but a trip to Northumberland doesn’t have to break the bank. From free attractions to activities that cost less than £10 per person, use this guide for your next budget break. Explore Northumberland’s beaches A Northumberland beach trip is one of the best ways to spend a free day out in Northumberland and you can expect nothing less than… Read More »Free things to do

house prices

Pound In Your Pocket

Sacrificed for House Prices Money or currency is never a simple topic even though it should be. Back on November 19, 1967, Prime Minister Harold Wilson said the following after the pound was devalued by 14.3% versus the then “good as gold” dollar: “It does not mean, of course, that the pound here in Britain, in your pocket or purse, or in your bank, has… Read More »Pound In Your Pocket