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January 2023

banner image of a tree

You can’t watch

a tree grow! You can’t watch a tree grow? Well possibly in the deepest Amazon if you want to be pedantic!  – But my point is you only see it over time. Around these parts anyway. Slowly but surely over time they go from dappled shade to a dense canopy. But it can’t be viewed in real time but over time. Beyond time but within… Read More »You can’t watch

colour pop technique

Colour Pop

In my last article, we looked at post editing your photos, but we looked at either full colour images or converting to full black and white. For this article, we will look at something that is popularly called ‘colour pop’, or selective colouring of an image. By this I mean making a black and white image, but retaining a small selective part of the image… Read More »Colour Pop

2022 2023

2022 Wrapped

Well, that is another year behind us. Time flies when you are having fun as the saying goes and although personally, I’m still processing the leftovers of 2020, 2023 is upon us. A lot has happened this year so I’m taking the opportunity to have a look back and reminiscence. Cultural Moments One thing that gripped us from the start of the year was the… Read More »2022 Wrapped

inflation without government

Government inflation

I have written about inflation before but I think it is more important than ever to revisit the topic as consumer and retail prices continue to rise at rates not seen since the 1970s, major workers’ strikes continue to afflict and disrupt the U.K. economy. It was economist Milton Friedman who once said that inflation is always a monetary phenomenon so with that in mind… Read More »Government inflation