June 2021

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Who Will Foot the Bill?

With the advent of the crisis that we have been under since March of 2020, the UK government via HM Treasury and the Bank of England have responded with massive fiscal and monetary stimulus. This is essentially to keep people from starving and paying their bills as huge swaths of the economy have been shut down or have had restrictions imposed upon them. There is… Read More »Who Will Foot the Bill?

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Optimizing your health

I believe we all have an obligation to improve our health so we can have a strong, resilient immune system. As a holistic therapist, when I work with my clients, I use an integrated approach to help them improve their health and wellbeing in the body, mind, and soul.  In the foundation of this approach, I work with the “6 Pillars of Health” model.  Over… Read More »Optimizing your health

yellow brick road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The future feels uncertain. If the events of the last 15 months have taught us anything it is not to take our freedoms, families and friends for granted. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we have found ourselves in a very strange place indeed. A land with completely alien rules and it feels like we arrived here overnight. So let’s link arms (regardless… Read More »Follow the Yellow Brick Road


Creativity is Key

I bet everyone remembers making up games in the playground, drawing hopscotch grids with chalk, drawing everything in chalk for that matter, and coming home when the streetlights turned on. Creativity was at the hearts of most people’s childhoods despite creative subjects like art and textiles being pushed aside for more educational classes in school. Creativity has followed everyone in life; from their businesses to… Read More »Creativity is Key

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Laptops for Students

This is the time of year when students are looking at where they might go for their further education.  This often involves leaving home to go to another city.  Trips to IKEA/Asda/Tescos etc for crockery/bedding and other items the student will need are a right of passage.  Included in these purchases is their IT equipment that the student might need. So what should you be… Read More »Laptops for Students

tyne valley express long and short of it

Long & Short of it

May was ‘No Mow May’ – so how did it go?  Well for those who did participate, I hope you have stuck it out well into June because most of the flowers haven’t yet burst into bloom. May was such a chilly month that we are significantly behind an average year but even if it were a more typical year, May is still a little… Read More »Long & Short of it