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Knowledge is Power

One of my three wishes from a figurative genie would be for a local 24-hour library or bookstore, fit with comfy chairs, coffee and tea dispensers, and a fluffy pet knocking around the shelves. I say that because books and storytelling have been one of the great loves of my life since I was born. My childhood was spent reading books in the back of… Read More »Knowledge is Power


Creativity is Key

I bet everyone remembers making up games in the playground, drawing hopscotch grids with chalk, drawing everything in chalk for that matter, and coming home when the streetlights turned on. Creativity was at the hearts of most people’s childhoods despite creative subjects like art and textiles being pushed aside for more educational classes in school. Creativity has followed everyone in life; from their businesses to… Read More »Creativity is Key


IT Matters

Trolls to me have always represented FUN! Like those little characters that roll out of the rocks in the Frozen films or the ones with the florescent hair who like to dance to Justin Timberlake. Regardless, they are harmless. Recently (and I now realise naively) I shared a link on a local forum offering a free class to support mothers with Sex Education through a… Read More »IT Matters


Power of Communities

‘It takes a village to raise a child’. It’s an African proverb that means for a child to reach their fullest potential, the whole community will be involved in their upbringing. But this notion lasts long after the child has grown and shows how powerful our local communities are to us. One strength of this pandemic is how our communities have rallied together. Every day… Read More »Power of Communities



I live next to a field of Emus, I had no idea, and I moved here five years ago! Splendid creatures are emus, if not slightly out of place amongst the Northumbrian countryside. Watching them wander I was reminded how we can easily become blindsided, missing the idiosyncrasies right under our very nose, only noticing what we expect to see within the context of what… Read More »Masquerade


Immune to the system

Not everyone reading this will be able to receive the message of my article, and not everyone who receives it will ever truly be ready…. but here it is. You are being manipulated.Your perceptions are being programmed. “So you think you can tell Heaven from hell Blue skies from pain.” This is the real threat or “virus” currently at work on humanity.Think about all the… Read More »Immune to the system