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March 2023


10 things to do

in Northumberland. 2023 is just getting started and it’s the perfect time to hike to that waterfall you’ve always wanted to see, book that stargazing experience you’ve been eyeing up for months, or visit that mind blowing castle everyone’s been talking about. Here is a Northumberland bucket list to get you started and help you plan some new adventures: Do something whisky 2023 will see… Read More »10 things to do

The Digital Pound

Convenience at the Cost of Individual Freedom Most of you have probably noticed that the use of cash has been diminishing for the last ten years as technology evolves and more people use contactless cards, Apple Pay, online banking and other kinds of rapidly evolving technology. Covid-19 and the government-imposed lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 were also used as an excuse to increase our dependency… Read More »The Digital Pound


Our Communities

The theme of 2023’s Children’s Mental Health Week, which occurred back in the second week of February, was ‘Let’s Connect’. That resonated with me mainly because I have spoken before on the power of communities and how forming meaningly connections is beneficial to us. One may underestimate the power that a sense of community has. Especially when you move into a new area or take… Read More »Our Communities