April 2021


IT Matters

Trolls to me have always represented FUN! Like those little characters that roll out of the rocks in the Frozen films or the ones with the florescent hair who like to dance to Justin Timberlake. Regardless, they are harmless. Recently (and I now realise naively) I shared a link on a local forum offering a free class to support mothers with Sex Education through a… Read More »IT Matters



The topic of economics is often shrouded in mystery and arcane terms like GDP, marginal utility, money velocity and many other terms that make the people on the street roll their eyes and completely ignore the subject. So in this article we will be looking at the origin of the word economy, we will be looking at how and why the so-called economics profession has… Read More »Economics


Power of Communities

‘It takes a village to raise a child’. It’s an African proverb that means for a child to reach their fullest potential, the whole community will be involved in their upbringing. But this notion lasts long after the child has grown and shows how powerful our local communities are to us. One strength of this pandemic is how our communities have rallied together. Every day… Read More »Power of Communities


Have a Break

It seems that there is finally light at the end of a very dark and long tunnel.  The resurgence of nature with spring brings with it the return of some welcome normality. I use the word “normal” lightly here, as I think things will not be as they used to be, rather a new normal will emerge. As we feel the bustle of life and… Read More »Have a Break


Looking Forward to Summer

As I write this we’ve just had our first day of what felt like summer weather. It feels like this has been a long time coming, the pain and awfully long January seems like it was yesterday yet here we are at the end of April! Never have I ever been more thankful for some warmth on my back! In writing this month’s issue I… Read More »Looking Forward to Summer


Wildlife in Spring

Spring is always a positive time of year for wildlife enthusiasts. Somehow the fresh growth and returning birds gives a sense that all is well. Of course, the problems of climate change, global pandemics and the like are still looming large but for a while the small oases of wild flowers or the skylark singing overhead takes you away from these worries for a moment… Read More »Wildlife in Spring


Laptop/PC Health

Spring time is often a time when folks decide to clear out and sort out their house.  Well, I believe that you should add your laptop/PC to the list of things that should be looked at too. I often get laptops to look at that have finally given up the ghost.  When speaking to the owners of these laptops, it turns out that the machines… Read More »Laptop/PC Health