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Laptop/PC Health


Spring time is often a time when folks decide to clear out and sort out their house.  Well, I believe that you should add your laptop/PC to the list of things that should be looked at too.

I often get laptops to look at that have finally given up the ghost.  When speaking to the owners of these laptops, it turns out that the machines have been showing signs of problems for quite some time.  For example, very slow boot up times, programs crashing, unexpected shutdowns, pop ups appearing all over the place etc.  These are all signs that your machine is struggling for one reason or another.  And you really want to get these things looked at before they become a serious problem requiring major repairs or worse – loss of precious data.  A stitch in time saves nine applies to IT equipment too.

I understand that people may be reluctant to get their machines looked at when it works, albeit slowly and with problems.  IT equipment is becoming so vital to everyone’s lives that to do without might be too much for some.  However, if this is the case, then if your machine finally fails, it will take much longer to get it back up and running, so it would be best if you had  your machine looked at on an annual basis and get it booked in way in advance at a time that suits you best. 

Getting your laptop checked over also gives you the opportunity of getting advice about software/hardware options that are available to you.  Perhaps you’ve had your machine for a few years now and would welcome advice on if it needs to replaced or perhaps kept but upgraded?  As always, if you’d like some friendly advice on your options, please get in touch with me.

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