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Coming Home


Me: “Hello Universe”

Universe: “Hello my child”

Me: “It has been a while”

Universe: “You just had a pause”

Me: “I have missed you”

Universe: “But I have never left you”

Me: “I know, it doesn’t change that I have still missed you”

Universe: “You mean you missed the part of Me that is You experiencing Me?”

Me: “I don’t understand what that means”

Universe: “But you do. You have just too busy to remember”

Me: “Ok, so I am not busy now, help me remember”

Universe: “Right in the centre of you, within your heart, lies the richest library of knowledge you will ever find. It contains all the pearls of wisdom from this universe that is passes from ancestors to ancestors though the timeline. It contains the secrets of healing, of manifesting, of abundance, of peace, of harmony, of happiness, of balance, and of alchemy.

You live your lives searching outwards for these qualities. Searching and creating busier lives, creating busier lives, and searching. In fact, you have all become the masters of Doing. Kings and Queens of business, a title revered by many as a status of achievement and having “made it in life”. You are so busy doing so many things at once, that you have lost the connection to the immense pleasure and joy you receive from doing just one single task. So many times, you listen to podcasts or audiobooks, whilst driving, cooking, working at your computers or even whilst walking in nature. In doing this, you miss out on the simple pleasure and joy received from connecting to the tasks at hand.

All this doing, this business, creates a tremendous amount of noise within your minds. A cluttered mind is the most destructive weapon man can own. This weapon is not kind. It turns on itself as well as outwards to the world around it and destroys everything in its path. The battle is waged between The Doer, the idolized and envied status of achieving this, and the non-Doer, the one who is more simplistic and gentler in their nature.  The Doer slowly becomes depleted, frazzled, disconnect and burnout, whilst the non- Doer feels that they are doing something wrong, they are not doing enough, they are failing, they are insufficient and insignificant. As so the cycle of suffering starts. The Doer suffers from the business of doing and the non-Doer suffers from the lack of belief in themselves cultivated from comparing themselves to The Doer. “

Me: “How do I stop this cycle of suffering?”

Universe: “You practice “coming home”. You practice being still. You practice being still for moments, even if it is only a short moment during the day. You make a conscious effort to practice this. When you are busy and feel stressed, you practice more moments of being still, or slowing things down with single tasking. Giving your full attention to the one task at hand, activating your senses into this task and expanding your awareness to the pleasure and joy felt in actioning that single task. In listening you experience the world around you. In watching you see the infinite beauty that surrounds you. All the while, something magical is happening deeper within you. You start to connect to the exquisiteness of being still and experience the quieting of the mind, the stilling within the storm of emotions and the easing and relaxing of the body. But that is not all. There is a reconnection, a finding, and a recognition that is happening deeper within. As you sit gently in this stillness experiencing your senses, connecting with your breath, you find a path to the centre of your heart, where all wisdom rests, where faith is born and from where hope shines her light.

As you find this place and learn to anchor into the stillness there. Deep within your consciousness there is an awakening and remembering of who you really are. You come home, hometo the powerof you experiencing Me as You and the truth that we are all Divine energy having a human experience. “

Me: “It is good to be home”


“ I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God”- Rumi

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