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Becoming the Oak Tree 

oak tree

A short story of finding strength, confidence, acceptance, and self-belief in challenging times 

The inner voice inside said, “You must learn to love yourself”. 

The little tree said “I can’t, look around and see how perfect and beautiful everything is.  How can I love myself when I am so small and insignificant?” 

The inner voice said “Learning to love yourself is like planting a seed.  Seeds need good soil, fresh water, and the right amount of sunlight or shade for them to grow optimally.  They also need care, time, patience, loving and non-judgmental attention.  The same applies to you.  Whatever you give your seed, is what ever you will get out of your seed.” 

The little tree smiled and with courage in her voice said, “Today my transformation starts!” 
The little tree had thought that the transformation process was going to be quick and effortless.  When the first rainstorm came, she was wet, cold, and scared from the thunder and lightning; she turned to the inner voice and said, “I don’t know if I can do this, I feel cold, scared and all alone!” 

The inner voice said to her “You are never alone; not even for one second.  I am always here.  If you need strength, reach for me; If you need courage, lean on me; if you need comfort, call on me.” 
“But how can I do all those things when I can’t even see you?” asked the little tree 

The inner voice said “Do not look for me with your eyes nor try touch me with your hands; or think of me in your mind, but instead, go to your heart and feel me there.  I am in every heartbeat.  I am in every breath.  I was there before your first breath and will be there after your last breath.  Do not seek me outside of you, for I am not there, but instead, learn to feel me within you, for I have and always will be you.” 

The little tree held onto the words of the inner voice as the days went past.  She saw beautiful sunrises, felt the soft caress of a summer nights breeze, she basked in the sun and rested in the moonlight.  On these beautiful days the inner voice was always there, talking to her gentle whisper. 

But there were other days.  Days that were cold, days that were dark, days were her body hurt from the hailstorms or from the wind pulling and pushing at her.  Strangely enough, those days where the most comforting for her as on those days the inner voice vibrated loudly in every cell of her body, it spoke in every single part of her body all at once, reminding her of her beauty, her strength; her ability to keep going.  It reminded her that she was a blessing, a gift no matter what the weather was doing or how tired she felt from it.  It was on those days that she was reminded of just how lucky she was to be able to withstand the harsher elements, no matter how long they lasted.  On days like that she realised that no matter how dark the night was, the sun always rose in the morning, there was always a pocket of warmth, even in the coldest day, and the air was always freshest after rain. 

One day she looked at herself and realised that she had indeed become the majestic oak tree and thought “Yes!  I did it.  I am the tree I always wanted to be- I am strong, beautiful, and I am perfect in every way.”,  

The inner voice smiled knowingly and said, “I knew you would always get here, be exactly this.” 

The little girl said, “But how did you know?” 
The inner voice said “From the moment you were a tiny seed, even before you were planted in the soil, this perfect splendour of how you are now, is exactly how I always saw you.  I always believed you would be this.  My job was to help you believe the same and never give up on yourself.” 

And in that moment, the little tree promised to never lose faith in herself, no matter what the elements had in store for her. 

Nicky works globally with clients and organisations to help individuals find their inner strength, confidence, belief, and teach them how to manage stress, and fears as they navigate life’s challenges.  If you would like to explore a discovery call with Nicky please email- or visit  

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