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Does a goldfish know?


that it lives in a tank?

I sometimes feel like running down the street shouting “They’re coming, they’re coming!” I hold myself back not wishing to be arrested for it – again.

So in a series of articles I would like to perhaps keep my clothes on and discuss a range of topics that have unhinged my sanity and perhaps yours? –  Connect some important dots until a picture appears. Restore the sanity from the madness. After this overview article, I’ll get my crayons out and put some colour into each topic – my physical efforts at drawing are terrible but I can paint the most majestic tapestries of truth in my mind – I hope you do too! Musical vibration and prophetic lyrics also help paint pictures, so I’ve added a play list of songs that reflect my write up.

So let’s start with a question…

Does a goldfish know that it lives in a fish tank? A condensed reality from the totality. Does it know beyond the glass? Or does it swim around forgetting what it knew only 10 seconds earlier whilst hiding in its ceramic sunken ship without that perceptual awareness? I mean it’s got water, a filter and perhaps a nice colourful backdrop screen of aqua paradise to swim alongside. Food is provided and what else does it need or have to know right?

This is a rhetorical question to you.

“Straight from the mould and ready to be sold.” Jack Johnson (1)

The Tank.

We are born to a reality that is already constructed for us – we fit into the system that our parents accepted and also constructed through their acceptance. Repeat after repeat, from slavery to apparent freedom – but all within the created tank. Grow up, get educated, get the best job you can, get married, have kids, buy a house and you’ll be happy was the blueprint given to me. What a let-down if I did not see beyond it. But I had to live it before I felt the illusion of it all. But reality is so much more than this tank and I hope to show you this – not to create more fear but to perhaps free you from it.

“There’s a golden key that unlocks all the doors” Ian Brown (2)

Beyond the Tank.

The bigger reality beyond the mind tank is that we only have access to about 0.01% of the totality of everything known in the electromagnetic spectrum. Put another way, we don’t have the awareness through our 5 senses to understand or decode 99.99% of what is present in wave form. In this fact I find peace and connection as the mind tank is plain madness – by design. The truth lies in the 99.99% and not 0.01%. Everything is energy – everything is vibration – everything is frequency. Only a fraction of waveform energy can be interpreted via our biological space suits. Never forget that you are made of the stars – you are a reflection of the universe itself – much more than the mind created tank. Much more than 5 senses reality – much, much more, but that will be examined in a later article in depth. 

“I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad – the dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had” Tears for Fears

The Filter.

If you can control perception, then you can control reality. It is that simple. From the earliest age we are not educated but indoctrinated to believe what is real – Authority and acceptance of it being the primary objective – The ‘halo effect’ is achieved and we believe without question. Open the flood gates they’re coming in!

There is only one true reality, primary light from source, the eternal now, away from any filter placed before you. Talking to someone face to face or walking in nature are examples of primary. Light enters the eye and your brain decodes a fraction of that information and forms the picture – the picture is not external – it is internal. The sub-conscious is like a sponge and absorbs everything AND creates your reality from it, unless you see the subliminal hack. So when a device, let’s say the TV, is in front of you, we don’t think “here is a box on the wall sending out waveform energy in a fully conscious state” – no, we fall into a sub-conscious state and begin to absorb. Mobile phones are in every hand it seems, and the daily paper tells you what is real. But what are we absorbing? And more importantly why?

“How about those transparent dangling carrots” Alanis Morissette (3)  

Tap tap on the Glass.

If you tap on the glass of a fish tank you’ll upset the fish within, both visually and vibrationally. A beady eye pushed up against the glass and wave form pulses through the water. Upsetting the balanced stillness. It is no different for us. Let’s say you’re watching the news. The hack has been refined – the news presenter stares at you directly and uses imagery and music to tell you what is real. Dogmatic, low frequency fear-based sub reality is pumped into your sub-conscious. This has the ability to actually change your vibration and that is the goal. As I have said – if you control perception then you control reality. Media, politics, money, education, parents, science, doctors, friends, experts and history all determine your frequency – if you let them?!

“Don’t just believe in what ya hear – don’t just believe in what ya see.”  Sheryl Crow (4)

Fish Food.

Multi coloured flakes of wtf and a hanging string of turd are my reminders of having a goldfish! Poor bloody thing.

What about our food though? 5 a day, good old farmers, ‘living water’ from Northumbrian Water,  “I’m lovin’ it” right? Files of the mind.

As with everything, once you scratch below the mind files and investigate further, you find the horror. One example of the horror and I’ll deep dive further in a future edition, is this – All our grains, soya beans, rapeseed etc are engineered to absorb weedkiller. It gets worse – once harvest time is decided by the farmer (and not nature), it gets sprayed with a heavy dose to actually kill it. From green to crisp brown in a week to 10 days. They give the practice a posh word – it’s called a desiccant. I call it a crime against humanity! These toxins are omni-present in everything and that includes you. These toxins kill your gut bacteria, commonly called your second brain. A myriad of fusion for healthy function occurs within the gut. 99% of Serotonin is created in the gut – 8.4 million people in England are currently on anti-depressant medication – go figure.

Above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the toxicity intake we are subjected too.

1 in 2 will get cancer now. It’s a wonder I keep my clothes on – it really is! – we are indeed what we eat and they know it! Poor health is low vibration and low vibration = perception control.

“If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.” Manic Street Preachers (5)

I’m now over my word count so more next edition and fear not – we came from love and we will return to the same source. Fear nothing – it’s illusion. A revolution of consciousness is occurring – vibration is awakening! The light needs the dark but the dark should never control the light – AWAKEN from the perception deception – The enemy has always been within!

Fallen Empires Are Ruling – Ian Brown (6)

Play list

  • Gone – Jack Johnson
  • The World Is Yours – Ian Brown
  • Thank U – Alanis Morissette 
  • Let’s Get Free – Sheryl Crow
  • If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next – Manic Street Preachers
  • F.E.A.R – Ian Brown

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