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A Sunday to Remember

Unless one has studied the history of gold, money and the monetary system of the last 120 years or so you will know little about Sunday, August 15, 1971. Even if you have a higher education degree in economics or finance it is not certain that you will either or if you do know about the date I venture to say that you might not… Read More »A Sunday to Remember


Understanding Inflation

Most people take inflation as being the increase in the price of goods and services and a lot of time blame greedy businesses, labour unions and speculators for inflation. It certainly seems to be a valid explanation of inflation but in this article we will look back at the classical definition of inflation that has not been taught in schools or universities for about fifty… Read More »Understanding Inflation

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Understanding Money

Money is a subject that is on everybody’s mind and the most obvious reason for that is because the great majority of people almost always do not have enough of it. Today though, we are going to look at what money really is and how money evolved through time and in society, and the functions that money should have. My hope here is not help… Read More »Understanding Money