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Abundance Consciousness

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5 Reasons you are not aligned with Abundance Consciousness

It is that time of year where people are aligning to abundance consciousness. Areas they feel are lacking, i.e., health, fitness, money, peace, family, happiness, love, etc, are brought up to be addressed with the hopes they will be achieved. The universe is infinitely abundant and always in a state of flow. To align our abundance consciousness with the universe we need to calibrate our vibrational frequency to be in harmony with the universe.

When working with clients to help them harmonize their state to abundance consciousness these are some key areas we focus on:

  • The way you ask for things

Words are a sound vibration that carry an energetic frequency. Every word we utter will either carry a LOVE vibration pattern or a FEAR vibration pattern.  As the universe is a feeling universe, it feels the vibrational pattern of your words and matches them.

Never underestimate the power of your words. It is your responsibility to choose your words wisely as well as pay attention to which vibrational pattern – Love or Fear – your words are holding.  If your words are holding a fear vibration, you will need to change the ‘feeling’ of your words into a love vibration so you can be in flow with the universe. 

  • Your Beliefs

Psychologists say that 85% of people come from dysfunctional backgrounds. They have had an experience in their past, that has created a set series of emotional and low vibrating mental patterns, that create programmes. These programmes give rise to the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world we live in. At the core of these programmes are the beliefs that we are not enough, unlovable, and not worthy of what we desire.

 A Limiting Belief has a fear based vibrational pattern and comes from conditioning that holds you back i.e. “I am too old to start something new in life.” or “Everyone will know that I am terrible at my job.”

 Our beliefs become our reality, but this reality is not set in stone, and we have the ability to change our beliefs as well as our reality.

  • The Clarity of your Goal

When you do not hold a clear vision of your goal, it slows or in some cases stops the universe from matching your vibrational pattern to manifest what you want.  When your vision isn’t clear, it is like driving in a heavy rainstorm without working windscreen wipers.  When the windscreen is not clear, the universe can only pick up the vibrational pattern of what we are feeling and not what we want. As such, and in accordance to the Laws of the Universe, the Universe must respond to the feelings. Be absolutely clear on what you want to manifest. Take time to clearly visualize your goals, always being mindful of your feelings whilst you visualise.

  • Are you ready to receive?

Once you have the first 3 points tuned in, it’s time to focus on your readiness and openness to receive what you want to manifest.  This is the one step where most people fall short.  They work so hard to manifest what they want, constantly aligning their vibrational pattern, visualisations, and feelings to the abundant flow vibration of the universe. They fail to see the small synchronicities, that things are lining up.  For example, when wanting to attract more money in your life, stay open to small wins i.e., £3 win on a scratch card, someone buying you a coffee at work or an item you have been wanting to buy for a while that is now on sale.  These small moments of flow may not be what you were wanting to manifest, but by learning to see them as fist pump “Yes things are lining up”, you keep you keep your vibration high and positive around your goals. Remember the universe responds to feelings first!!

  • The ‘I’ as the Creator

In every moment of everyday you are the Creator of your destiny.  The way you think and feel right now creates your future moments.

  • Your future is not anyone else’s responsibility.
  • You are not a powerless victim of life.
  • Life is not happening to you.

You are a powerful Creator, who by being conscious of your vibration and resonance, can co-create the most magical life that serves you on all levels. Learn to detach from the learnt behaviours, programmes, and limiting beliefs that say you are not worthy of this goal/life. Drop your awareness into the truth that “I – in this now moment, have the full power to create the life I desire”.

We are resonant beings. The more we become aware of our resonance and how we feel, the quicker we can recalibrate our vibration to align with abundance consciousness.

Abundance is our natural state once we get out of our heads and unlearn all we have been taught about ourselves.

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