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Sarah Fae

Sarah Fae Tyne Valley Express

About Me

Sarah Fae lives in a chapel near Hadrian’s Wall in rural Northumberland, England. She spends her time teaching yoga, walking in the woods and writing poems, stories, articles and teacher training programs on spiritual and social issues.

After ten years in the classroom she left to pursue her writing career and recently wrote and published her first children’s book based on a series of real life encounters she had with a white stag affectionately named Ghost

Sarah was awarded ‘Student of the Year’ by Sunderland University for her humanitarian work overseas whist completing her PGCE, something to this day she still finds ironic, given her rebellious spirit whilst in school.

Her professional life began in the newsrooms of North East England and progressed quickly into a radio presenting career. 

She now enjoys the simple things in life, like a fine whisky, a good stretch and time spent communing with nature.

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