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About Me

My name is Jenny and I run JennySys Computing Services. I have been in the IT sector for many years – going back to the days of floppy disks! I have always felt that the IT department needs to be seen as a service department for the end user. Too often, I have felt that IT departments are run for the benefit of the IT staff rather than the users who ultimately use the IT systems.

After spending 9 years at Newcastle University, I decided to give up the corporate world and set myself up as an IT consultant so that I could provide the level of service to my customers in a way that simply wasn’t possible as part of a larger organisation.

I love my job and I enjoy making my customer’s life easier as a consequence of really listening to their needs for their business rather than applying a one size fits all approach leaving the customer with a system that “kind of” suits their business needs.

I am motivated by knowing that my customers are pleased with the work that I do and advice that I give them. A high percentage of my repeat business comes from personal recommendations.

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