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Leading from the Heart

As this year has progressed, I’ve seen an increase in people who I work with, either through 1-2-1 work or attending my classes, who are seeking help due to feeling completely overwhelmed mentally and emotionally by life. A sense their head is full, clouded, forgetful and an inability to concentrate or sleep well seem to be the most usual complaints. One of them most common… Read More »Leading from the Heart

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Optimizing your health pt.2

If you read my previous article, you would have already had a glimpse of the “6 Pillars of Health” model (Movement, Sleep, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Emotional Health) I work with when helping client to improve their health and wellbeing. In this article we continue with the final three pillars. 4. Mindfulness Is the cultivation of non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. By applying mindfulness… Read More »Optimizing your health pt.2