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Economic Woes

Many blame Brexit for the current economic malaise the U.K. finds itself in and that if we elect a new party, Labour, to power that they will be able to turn things around. Unfortunately, things are not as simple and my point here is not to pick a party over another but to look at what, in my opinion, are the root causes the current… Read More »Economic Woes



A Decade of Crises. Since the beginning of 2020, the world is changing in ways most of us did not expect it to. First it was the covid-19 crisis and what evolved from; it like lockdowns, draconian rules and new medical procedures. By the beginning of 2022 covid-19 seemed to be a thing of the past, and then the Ukraine War popped up its ugly… Read More »2020’s

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Government inflation

I have written about inflation before but I think it is more important than ever to revisit the topic as consumer and retail prices continue to rise at rates not seen since the 1970s, major workers’ strikes continue to afflict and disrupt the U.K. economy. It was economist Milton Friedman who once said that inflation is always a monetary phenomenon so with that in mind… Read More »Government inflation

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Time to Pay The Piper

Many of you have of course been aware of the crisis in the UK government bond market following Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s recent minibudget, in which more tax cuts and government spending were promised. The UK government bond market or Gilt market, is the market in which the government taps investors worldwide for funds and in exchange, investors receive a bond with a promise of interest… Read More »Time to Pay The Piper

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Fiddling Economic Data

As the economic situation deteriorates, we are seeing governments around the world start to change the economic data and even the way they define economic recessions. Usually we are told that governments like the one in the U.K. and the U.S. can be trusted with the data and that one should not believe anything governments from China and other emerging market countries publish in term… Read More »Fiddling Economic Data

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Westminster Street 

We have been warning about the consequences of inflation for quite a few years, while some like economist Roger Bootle, on the other hand, even wrote a book entitled The Death of Inflation. How could an economist have been so wrong and we right? We hope to clarify this in this article. We have been warning the readers of this publication too, as about a… Read More »Westminster Street 


Understanding Inflation

Most people take inflation as being the increase in the price of goods and services and a lot of time blame greedy businesses, labour unions and speculators for inflation. It certainly seems to be a valid explanation of inflation but in this article we will look back at the classical definition of inflation that has not been taught in schools or universities for about fifty… Read More »Understanding Inflation