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About Me

Hi, I’m Katie Pharoah, a Digital Marketer by day and a novice fiction writer by night. You could therefore say that I live and breathe content writing.  

I live in Dunston, Gateshead with my family and in my spare time, I explore all the small spaces that I previously knew nothing about. The rural landscapes in this area are breath-taking and hiking up those hills is rewarding. After those hikes, I like to reward myself with a good book, a cup of tea or a glass of whisky.  

Besides specialising in writing about social media and the latest marketing trends, I have also written about weddings, hen and stag do’s, how to’s on the craft of fiction writing, and social events. 


Latest Articles


Knowledge is Power

One of my three wishes from a figurative genie would be for a local 24-hour library or bookstore, fit with comfy chairs, coffee and tea

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Creativity is Key

I bet everyone remembers making up games in the playground, drawing hopscotch grids with chalk, drawing everything in chalk for that matter, and coming home

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Power of Communities

‘It takes a village to raise a child’. It’s an African proverb that means for a child to reach their fullest potential, the whole community

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