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Emotional Health


“Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely one method of all that appeals to most of us” – Dr Edward Bach

I was first introduced to the Bach Flower Remedy system 24year ago by a homeopath, whom I was receiving treatment for to manage a whiplash injury that required surgery. I worked with various alternative therapists to help treat and manage the injury and was, and still am to this date, successful in avoiding the surgery.

Growing up in South Africa, Rescue Remedy, which is one of the 38 Bach Remedies, was a staple in everyone’s bathroom cabinet, bed side table common sight on students’ tables in exam halls as they sat their exam. If you were struggling with stress or anxiety, the doctors would often ask first if you had used Rescue remedy before they prescribe other medication.

Having used the remedy system for a large portion of my life and being a witness to how impactful it had been in my own life; it was not long before I studied and introduced the remedy system into my “toolbox” of therapies. To this day, the effectiveness of the remedies still amazed and I always feel so humbled to witness peoples healing through this system.

A little bit about the remedies:

Bach Flower remedies are a completely safe (for all ages), natural, and effective way to treat emotional imbalances affecting your health and wellbeing. Bach Flower Remedy therapy is a gentle process of self-discovery through emotional awareness and self-reflection. The remedies help you to understand your personality, how to keep it in equilibrium, and to identify and manage your moods through emotional triggers. This will help you understand and pinpoint the underlying emotions that are impacting on your health and wellness.

By understanding the 38 remedies and identifying the source of your stress, this therapy can aid emotional balancing in your body. Bach remedies can be used effectively to treat most conditions. It is important to note that as a  Bach Flower therapist, we do not treat the condition, but rather treat the emotion associated with the condition.The Bach system was originally envisaged as a self-help system for every household and deliberately kept simple to understand and use.

“Disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between soul and mind, and can never be eradicate expect by spiritual and mental effort”- Dr Edward Bach

Bach remedies are often referred to as vibrational medicine as they help align and harmonise the vibrational frequency of the body. When you are out of alignment, it is your vibration that is out of alignment. If you do not find ways to address this, it will have a knock-on effect on the vibrational pattern of our emotional body. You may experience this as difficult emotions. If this disharmony is not addressed, it will then move into the mental body, where you notice difficulty thought forms, and belief systems about yourself and the world around you. Again, like with the emotional body, if this disharmony is still not addressed, it will then move into the physical body where you start to experience dis-ease and eventually after some time illness.  Bach remedies bring vibrational alignment and harmony within the body as a whole.

“Health depends on being in harmony with our soul”- Dr Edward Bach

Benefits of Bach flower remedies may include:

  • Reduce feelings of insecurity and poor self-esteem
  • Treat fears (including irrational fears), stress and anxiety
  • Assists in overcoming trauma 
  • Help to cope with feelings of loss and grief
  • Helps with feelings of loneliness, despondency, and despair
  • Helps with feelings of overwhelm and changes in life
  • Create enhanced sense of well-being, peace, calmness, and tolerance
  • Provides mental clarity, reducing indecision and stimulating a sense of intention

Dr Bach and his philosophy:
This system was developed in the 1930’s by renowned virologist and immunologist Dr Edward Bach. The system comprises 38 flower remedies that can be used by the entire family including our pets. Dr Bach left the world of conventional medicine which dictated a patient was treated on their symptoms and not their emotional state.  He felt dissatisfied with the way doctors were trained and had a strong belief in the ethos that you treat the patient not the disease.

 His belief was that- “the physical body was a mirror, reflecting the thoughts in the mind. It was the sufferer himself, the person, who needed treatments and help to overcome his worries, fears, depression, and hopelessness

He stated that physical health depended on how you were thinking and what your emotions and feelings were- “Good health is harmony and rhythm, when we think positively, constructively, and happily. Ill-health is when we think negatively, unhappily, and destructively.”

 He aspired to a more holistic approach to medicine.  Dr Bach did extensive research on the subject and concluded that by addressing and treating emotional disturbances, you can achieve long-term health and well-being. Dr Bach gave up his successful Harley Street practice to dedicate his life to his research in the remedy system.  

“The main reason for the failure of modern medical science is that it is dealing with the results and not the cause”- Dr Edward Bach

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