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Duncan Hutt


About Me

Currently Director of Conservation for Northumberland Wildlife Trust having worked there for over 20 years.  I have been involved in nature conservation in Northumberland since the mid 1990s and have been involved in projects from managing country parks to the reintroduction of species where they have been lost from our local environment. 

One of my proudest achievements in recent years has been in the purchase of a new 600acre nature reserve near Elsdon.  I am passionate about wildlife in general and fascinated by the variety that nature has to offer even in our own local patch.  Plants and insects are my main wildlife interests but all wildlife fascinates me.  

I live in Stamfordham and enjoy exploring the local area as well as further afield when it’s possible to do so, particularly offshore islands around the UK. I am also interested in history and archaeology, particularly the heritage of water and wind power across the north of England.   

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